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The Power of Mantra

The breakdown of the word Mantra really captures the essence of what a mantra does:

"Man" translates to mind or mental being. "Tra" refers to directional vibration or wave. In essence, Mantras can retrain our brain and re-route our thought patterns. Mantra can also lift our frequency and the frequency of our environment and help a busy mind to meditate. I'm going to talk about these 3 powerful ways to use mantra and give you a mantra playlist that I put together on Spotify. I have included titles and artists so that you can make your own playlist on whatever streaming service you use. I've also included a description of the intention behind each of the mantras so that you can choose which ones you might want to focus on.

Here are 3 ways to use mantras:

1. Rewire or re-route thought patterns with mantras: This is especially helpful for when our mind gets stuck on something. We can choose a mantra for different scenarios and when you catch yourself in a loop of negative thinking, you can use the mantra to pull yourself out of it. Instead of repeating the same story over and over in your mind, train yourself to mentally repeat a mantra instead.

2. Lift your personal energy and charge your environment with good vibes: Simply playing or casually singing along to mantras when you are feeling low can really lift your mood. I swear by mantras for cleansing and uplifting my home environment as well. I cook with healing mantras playing in the background and I use my mantra playlist to create a peaceful and elevated feeling in my home.

3. Use mantras for your meditation and prayer: Can't stop your mind during meditation? Give it a mantra to repeat. Meditation with mantra helps us retrain our brain while relaxing our minds. We can also use mantras to pray for others and put good energy out into the world, which gives us great energy too!

Mantra meanings and ideas for use:

So Hum: I am. A reminder that you are enough!

Om Shanti Om: for Peace

Ad Guray Nameh: for protection

Ardas Bhaee: to express gratitude for answered prayers

Jai Te Gang: to cut through negativity

Om Mani Padme Hum: to purify thoughts and energy

Magic Mantra: to reverse negativity

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio: for celebration/ to cleanse energy

Ong So Hung: for connection

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: to send out prayers for all beings

Re Man: for physical rejuvenation

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