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Simple Meditations for Daily Practice

Here's list of 7 very easy and reasonably timed meditations for you to try out.

Daily meditation practice helps me feel less frazzled, more balanced and sane, less reactive and more present and peaceful.

Most of the meditations below are around 10 min, some shorter, some longer. I've categorized them by what I love to use each of them for. You will also find the length of time and either a link or instructions for each of the meditations.

Feel free to comment with any Q's. xo

Balance and Centering

Meditation for the Neutral Mind (3, 7 & 11 min time options)

Mooji Meditation- Don't identify (10 min)


Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation (25 min) *This is the only meditation on this list that isn't free but it is very reasonably priced at $20 and totally worth it. It comes in a set with an evening meditation as well.

Releasing & Clearing Energy

Meditation to Ground, Clear & Restore (10 min)

Building Energy

Energizing Breath Meditation (5 min)

Peace & Calm

Om Shanti Om: Sit with hands in gyan mudra (thumb and index finger touching) on your lap and chant along to this track . (4 min)

Breath practice to relax the nervous system: Breathe in through the nose with 2 equal "sips of air", filling the lungs and follow that with a long exhale out the mouth through slightly parted lips. If you are feeling overwhelmed or frazzled, this is a great one to use. I also use it when I'm having a tough time falling asleep and it works like a charm.

If you'd like to use this practice for a meditation, here's a track recommendation: I release (7 min)

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