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Sat Nam- the meaning and a reminder of who you are

Sat Nam means "truth is my name" or "truth is my identity".

"Truth", as in eternal truth, the part of us which is connected to everything; God, Source, the Universe (however you refer to your higher power) as well as to each other.

When we greet each other with "Sat Nam", we are seeing past the ego, personalities and opinions. We are greeting each other as pure souls.

I got the best compliment from someone the other day that I wanted to share because it extends to everyone who's a part of this community. After coming to class, my friend told me that it was such a relief to be present with people without talking about politics or opinions, without even knowing what other people's opinions are. When we gather together in spiritual community to meditate, we are looking past the ego identification that gets us so fixated on our limited viewpoints. This creates a safe space where we can just relax and let our guard down knowing that we are not being judged.

It is so important to tune into your inner guidance and truth during this time, when you can find article upon article to support whatever opinion you do or don't have. In this age of information, we don't need more opinions thrown at us, we need more compassion, love and understanding.

This week's technique is simple and can be used throughout the day when you feel lost, off-balance, like there's too much information and opinions being thrown at you and when you are just looking for the ultimate truth.

Use Sat Nam as your mantra...

Inhale and mentally chant "Sat"

Exhale and mentally chant "Nam"

Beautiful rock painted by my beautiful friend @jenxphotography

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