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Non-reactivity- Restorative Meditation Recap from 3/5/20

The topic of class this week was Non-reactivity/pause when agitated. Exactly HOW do we avoid reacting with anger, frustration or negativity when provoked?

One of my favorite tools is Alternate Nostril Breathing: Take your right hand, fold your middle 3 fingers down, leaving the pinky and the thumb extended. Take a deep breath in through both nostrils then gently close off the right nostril, pressing your thumb gently on the right side of the nose. Exhale out of your left nostril, then inhale through your left nostril. Gently press your pinky against the left side of your nose closing off the left side and release your thumb, exhale out of your right nostril and then inhale through your right nostril. You are taking turns exhaling and then inhaling through each nostril. Repeat for 1-3 minutes and see how you feel. For me, this is an incredibly balancing and calming breath.

The reading was from Happiness is an Inside Job by Sylvia Boorstein:

“Pay attention to your breath. Put all of your awareness into this next breath, the next few breaths. Attending particularly to the breath accomplishes two things. First of all, because the breath becomes shallow and the body becomes tense when the mind is disturbed, lengthening the breath calms the body. Second, and more important, it causes the mind to drop the story line of discontent. We can multitask, but we can’t advance two story lines at the same time. Concentrating the attention on one neutral focus, such as the breath, calms the mind and begins to clear it of confusing energies. Even a small moment of clarity reminds the mind it could possibly choose a helpful response.”

I hope these tips are useful. Please join us on Thursdays 11-11:45am at Horizon Hot Yoga in Frisco for Restorative Meditation. This is a community donation class.

May you feel safe

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you live with ease



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