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Meditation for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is notoriously a time period of confusion and miscommunication. Things don't seem to go as planned, misunderstandings seem common, technology breaks down and it can be difficult to get things started... but there are some really great ways to work with retrograde energy so that we can move through these few weeks with grace and fluidity.

I'd like to suggest a really great meditation that may help uplift you during this time. It's called "Meditation for Protection and Projection from the Heart." The instructions are simple and it uses the Mangala Charan Mantra, which is a mantra of protection. I love this meditation because I feel that communicating from the heart space is the solution to polarity and anger. When I refer to "communicating from the heart," I'm not talking about speaking from the heart. I actually think we need less talking and more relating on a completely different energetic level. This meditation helps us project energy from the heart space, send good energy out into the world, bring good energy back in and create a protective energy space around us. Mangala Charan is a good mantra to have in your back pocket. You can use it before you drive, before you go into a crowded space or any other time you feel like you want to protect your energy. I pray it over my child three times as she walks into school.

When I practice this meditation (click on the link above for instructions), I use this version of the mantra: Aad Guray Nameh . I've linked YouTube but you can find it on any music streaming service and 11 minutes is a great length of practice.

A few other ways of looking at using Mercury Retrograde energy for good:

"Seek to understand, rather than to be understood" (from the St. Francis prayer). Your presence, undivided attention and attentive listening are of some of the best gifts that you can give. It's a great time to just hold space and to talk less and listen more.

Rather than start a new endeavor during this time, spend time reviewing what you have learned. Re-read a book, re-watch a documentary. Think about solidifying knowledge that you have gained and refining your existing skills rather than bringing in anything new right now.

Go easy on yourself if things don't go exactly as planned. Practice acceptance and know that you are exactly where you need to be. I love the idea of being like water; going with the flow, being soft, being able to change or alter direction without any drama. Practice grace and compassion with yourself.

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