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Mantras: using them in your day-to-day for transformation

Mantras are such an amazing tool, not just for meditation and chanting, but also for just playing around your house or in your car when you need a quick mood-boost. The word "mantra" means "mind wave" and refers to a word or phrase that we repeat over and over in order to train the mind.

Mantras can lift us up and out of lower vibrational places and tune our frequency into something more positive and creative by

giving our minds something positive to focus on. These "sound codes" are so ancient and powerful that I believe they work on many levels to heal and uplift us.

I've made myself a mantra playlist to listen to daily to keep my spirits lifted. Many times I listen and sing along while I'm doing everyday things like walking or doing the dishes. It never fails to put me in a good place. The link for my list is below and I've also included a picture at the very bottom of this email so that in case you use a different streaming service, you would have the titles and artists. All of these can be found on YouTube as well.

Below is a brief description of each of the 6 mantras and what they do:

Mul Mantra: uplifts and energizes quickly

Har Har Har Gobinday: for prosperity

Guru Ram Das Mantra: to open up to miracles

Ardas Bhaee: in gratitude for answered prayers

Re Man: for physical rejuvenation and health

Jai Te Gang: to keep lower vibrations and negativity at bay

Use my list or put your own together. It's so good to have a playlist of songs that inspire you and remind you of who you are.

Please let me know how you feel after listening!

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