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Free of Intentions

Updated: Jan 11

There's a great 10 min video by Mooji about being free of intentions that really resonated with me and this took me by surprise because I LOVE intentions. It's such a different message, right? NOT to create intentions. His message is a beautiful reminder not to go too overboard with resolutions or goals because they can take us out of the very precious present moment, the only place where true peace can be found.

In this video, Mooji says that the "space of being", which is simply BEING and not doing, is the most important thing for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes when we try to cram too much stuff in, it robs us of our peace and creates tension and restlessness. Intention, when it takes us out of the present moment and is too hardcore focused on DOING, creates inner-tension.

I love a good play on words.

The video made so many beautiful points and I always find his material very relaxing and peaceful to watch. There's a lot that I'm excited to create in the future. All of these projects require some logistical planning, but this vid made me want to stay aware of times when my intentions get too intense and start to trigger that all-to-familiar drive to do more out of the fear of the all too prevalent, ego-based and completely bullshit idea of "not enough".

Towards the end of the video, Mooji talks about the openness that is available to us in the present moment and calls it the "God Field". I love that so much. I don't belong to any particular religion, so the concept of God isn't weighty or dogmatic for me. In my opinion, "God Field" can be replaced with: Universal Consciousness, the field of limitless possibilities, Oneness, the Vortex, the Flow. You get the point. It's a good place to be. THIS is the space where inspiration drops in. I know that I get my best ideas during meditation or a workout that demands a certain amount of physical exertion that forces my over-thinking mind to take a backseat.

Meditation is a great way to bring us back into the space of non-doing, or the "God Field" as Mooji puts it. If you are looking for a quick (10 min) beginner-friendly mediation practice, check out this Ground Clear and Restore Meditation vid I did with my friends @helpfulforlife.

OH! and I definitely want to share some of my favorite yoga nidra practices with you too... Nidra translated is sleep. So, these are very restful and restorative practices where you are lying down comfortably. If you are having one of those days where you are in need of a nap but maybe only have 30 min, I highly recommend trying yoga nidra to reset your energy and nervous system. Here are a couple of good ones:

30 min yoga nidra for deep relaxation

New Year Yoga Nidra 2023

-Weekly Breath & Meditation Tips-

Since I talked about the importance of present moment awareness and bringing yourself back to this when your intentions or resolutions get a little intense, here's a simple technique:

When you find yourself overwhelmed, future-tripping or ruminating over the past.... take one hand and place it over your heart,

Take the other hand and place it over your belly. Close your eyes and start to take some long deep breaths, filling the belly first and allowing the breath to float up into the ribcage and chest. Add this mantra:

On the inhale: I am

On the exhale: here now

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