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Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking- Restorative Meditation Recap from 3/12/20

The topic of class this week was Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking. What are some helpful things we can do when we catch ourselves in a negative thought spiral?

We practiced Breath of Fire, which is one of my "emergency go-to" breathing techniques if I need to turn my mood around fast. It's quick inhales and exhales through the nose- filling the lungs to about 30% capacity. Inhales and exhales should be even. You can start with 1 minute and work your way up to 3.

The reading was from A Kinder Voice by Therese Jacobs-Stewa

rt. This book is about how to use slogans to train the mind out of toxic thought patterns. It's a good one! Here's the quote:

"Using Mindfulness to see your neurosis as neurosis: If we are able to observe with mindfulness, we can see when something is “up” emotionally and when one of our stories is activated."

Breathe, and note your stories with a mental tag such as:

*This is just a shame based story

*This is just a toxic thought that comes out of my past

*This “story” is just an old habit

*This is a mental habit that is not really helpful

*This is only a moment of suffering

*Moments like this are part of life

One of my favorite slogans for times of stress is "this too shall pass".

Sending you love and light!

May you feel safe

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you live with ease



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