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A thoroughly down-to-earth approach to getting elevated.

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"Megan really creates a safe, comfortable space. She's just so genuine and really down to earth. She's easy to connect with. Extremely knowledgeable. She shares it all in a way that is very humble." 

-Danielle M., Colorado

"Megan's personal recommendations when I've approached her with difficult situations have been on target and have not failed to yield tremendous personal growth. The impact on my life has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have gone from a more or less fear-based person to recovering my youthful enthusiasm and energy for life" 

-Jean B., Oregon

"Megan is a genuine yoga force who greets you each time with a kind heart, open mind and

no-judgement mentality. She has an AMAZING gift for developing yoga practices that focus on you, your needs and where you are in the present." 

-Melissa G., Texas